Zachary The Sutter Brothers Book 6 by Cynthia Dees


Cynthia Dees is back in Apple Pie Creek, Montana where clean and wholesome romance is alive and well. There will be love, laughter, and shenanigans aplenty in this sweet and whimsical series about seven bachelor brothers whose mother who is desperate to get her boys married off so she can start having grandbabies.

When failed country singer, Ashley Sue Pervis, shows up at the airport Zach Sutter has recently purchased and asks for flying lessons, he thinks it’s a joke. But, Ashley is out to prove to everyone in Apple Pie Creek that she’s not a laughingstock, and she needs Zach’s help to do it.

Reluctantly, Zach agrees to help Ashley with her one-woman redemption campaign. In spite of a relationship not being in either of their plans, and in spite of everybody disapproving of them as a couple, they quickly find themselves falling—hard—for each other.

Then they have an accident while flying that could change everything…and Moosifer makes an unscheduled appearance at a wedding…and nobody’s lives will ever be the same…

“A delightfully light and refreshing read….Ms. Dees never lets me down…What fun. Five stars! Highly recommend…”

July 8, 2021

Cynthia Dees Media

172 pages


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