Saving Cisco by Cynthia Dees

Saving Cisco

Cynthia Dees is back in Apple Pie Creek, Montana where clean and wholesome romance is alive and well. There will be love, laughter, and shenanigans aplenty in this sweet and whimsical series about six single siblings coming back home to save the family ranch, heal old wounds, and just maybe find true love.

Lucy Sutter has a big emergency—huge—when ten times as many huckleberries as she meant to order are delivered to her tiny café. Cisco Cartwright is out of town, and surely he won’t mind if she borrows his brewery to make jam in it. Right? But when Cisco comes finds his entire operation contaminated with jam, and his next batch of beer turns purple, he does mind. A lot.

While Lucy and Cisco scramble to sell jam and purple beer, a reality television show comes to town to pit them against each other in a battle for ownership of a restaurant they must design and build together. As friction becomes friendship, and friendship becomes a secret romance, will they kill each other on camera or will they find their own tasty ever after for two?

“A delightfully light and refreshing read….Ms. Dees never lets me down…What fun. Five stars! Highly recommend…”

October 13, 2022

Cynthia Dees Media

179 pages


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